FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::OBB< S_ > Class Template Reference

Oriented bounding box class. More...

#include <OBB.h>

Public Types

using S = S_

Public Member Functions

 OBB ()
 OBB (const Matrix3< S > &axis, const Vector3< S > &center, const Vector3< S > &extent)
bool overlap (const OBB< S > &other) const
 Check collision between two OBB, return true if collision happens. More...
bool overlap (const OBB< S > &other, OBB< S > &overlap_part) const
 Check collision between two OBB and return the overlap part. For OBB, the overlap_part return value is NOT used as the overlap part of two obbs usually is not an obb.
bool contain (const Vector3< S > &p) const
 Check whether the OBB contains a point.
OBB< S > & operator+= (const Vector3< S > &p)
 A simple way to merge the OBB and a point (the result is not compact).
OBB< S > & operator+= (const OBB< S > &other)
 Merge the OBB and another OBB (the result is not compact).
OBB< S > operator+ (const OBB< S > &other) const
 Return the merged OBB of current OBB and the other one (the result is not compact).
width () const
 Width of the OBB.
height () const
 Height of the OBB.
depth () const
 Depth of the OBB.
volume () const
 Volume of the OBB.
size () const
 Size of the OBB (used in BV_Splitter to order two OBBs)
const Vector3< S > center () const
 Center of the OBB.
distance (const OBB &other, Vector3< S > *P=nullptr, Vector3< S > *Q=nullptr) const
 Distance between two OBBs, not implemented.

Public Attributes

Matrix3< S > axis
 Orientation of OBB. The axes of the rotation matrix are the principle directions of the box. We assume that the first column corresponds to the axis with the longest box edge, second column corresponds to the shorter one and the third coulumn corresponds to the shortest one.
Vector3< S > To
 Center of OBB.
Vector3< S > extent
 Half dimensions of OBB.

Detailed Description

template<typename S_>
class fcl::OBB< S_ >

Oriented bounding box class.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename S >
bool fcl::OBB< S >::overlap ( const OBB< S > &  other) const

Check collision between two OBB, return true if collision happens.

compute the relative transform that takes us from this->frame to other.frame

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