FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::Sphere< S_ > Member List

This is the complete list of members for fcl::Sphere< S_ >, including all inherited members.

aabb_centerfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
aabb_localfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
aabb_radiusfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
CollisionGeometry() (defined in fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >)fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
computeCOM() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >virtual
computeLocalAABB() overridefcl::Sphere< S_ >virtual
computeMomentofInertia() const overridefcl::Sphere< S_ >virtual
computeMomentofInertiaRelatedToCOM() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >virtual
computeVolume() const overridefcl::Sphere< S_ >virtual
cost_densityfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
getBoundVertices(const Transform3< S > &tf) const fcl::Sphere< S_ >
getNodeType() const overridefcl::Sphere< S_ >virtual
getObjectType() const fcl::ShapeBase< S_ >virtual
getUserData() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
isFree() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
isOccupied() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
isUncertain() constfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
radiusfcl::Sphere< S_ >
S typedef (defined in fcl::Sphere< S_ >)fcl::Sphere< S_ >
setUserData(void *data)fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
ShapeBase() (defined in fcl::ShapeBase< S_ >)fcl::ShapeBase< S_ >
Sphere(S radius) (defined in fcl::Sphere< S_ >)fcl::Sphere< S_ >
threshold_freefcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
threshold_occupiedfcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
user_datafcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
~CollisionGeometry() (defined in fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >)fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >virtual