FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::detail::Seed Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isFirstSeedGenerated ()
static std::uint_fast32_t getUserSetSeed ()
static void setUserSetSeed (std::uint_fast32_t seed)
static std::uint_fast32_t getFirstSeed ()
static std::uint_fast32_t getNextSeed ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static SeedgetInstance ()

Protected Attributes

std::uint_fast32_t userSetSeed
 The seed the user asked for (cannot be 0)
bool firstSeedGenerated
 Flag indicating whether the first seed has already been generated or not.
std::uint_fast32_t firstSeedValue
 The value of the first seed.

Member Function Documentation

uint_fast32_t fcl::detail::Seed::getNextSeed ( )

We use a different random number generator for the seeds of the Other random generators. The root seed is from the number of nano-seconds in the current time.

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