FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::detail::BVSplitter< BV > Class Template Reference

A class describing the split rule that splits each BV node. More...

#include <BV_splitter.h>

Inheritance diagram for fcl::detail::BVSplitter< BV >:
fcl::detail::BVSplitterBase< BV >

Public Types

using S = typename BV::S
- Public Types inherited from fcl::detail::BVSplitterBase< BV >
using S = typename BV::S

Public Member Functions

 BVSplitter (SplitMethodType method)
virtual ~BVSplitter ()
 Default deconstructor.
void set (Vector3< S > *vertices_, Triangle *tri_indices_, BVHModelType type_)
 Set the geometry data needed by the split rule.
void computeRule (const BV &bv, unsigned int *primitive_indices, int num_primitives)
 Compute the split rule according to a subset of geometry and the corresponding BV node.
bool apply (const Vector3< S > &q) const
 Apply the split rule on a given point.
void clear ()
 Clear the geometry data set before.


template<typename , typename >
struct ApplyImpl
template<typename , typename >
struct ComputeRuleCenterImpl
template<typename , typename >
struct ComputeRuleMeanImpl
template<typename , typename >
struct ComputeRuleMedianImpl

Detailed Description

template<typename BV>
class fcl::detail::BVSplitter< BV >

A class describing the split rule that splits each BV node.

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