FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::TBVMotionBoundVisitor< BV > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for fcl::TBVMotionBoundVisitor< BV >:
fcl::BVMotionBoundVisitor< BV::S >

Public Types

using S = typename BV::S

Public Member Functions

 TBVMotionBoundVisitor (const BV &bv_, const Vector3< S > &n_)
virtual S visit (const MotionBase< S > &motion) const
virtual S visit (const SplineMotion< S > &motion) const
virtual S visit (const ScrewMotion< S > &motion) const
virtual S visit (const InterpMotion< S > &motion) const
virtual S visit (const TranslationMotion< S > &motion) const

Protected Attributes

BV bv
Vector3< S > n


template<typename , typename , typename >
struct TBVMotionBoundVisitorVisitImpl

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