FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::detail::HierarchyTree< BV > Class Template Reference

Class for hierarchy tree structure. More...

#include <hierarchy_tree.h>

Public Types

using S = typename BV::S
typedef NodeBase< BV > NodeType

Public Member Functions

 HierarchyTree (int bu_threshold_=16, int topdown_level_=0)
 Create hierarchy tree with suitable setting. bu_threshold decides the height of tree node to start bottom-up construction / optimization; topdown_level decides different methods to construct tree in topdown manner. lower level method constructs tree with better quality but is slower.
void init (std::vector< NodeType * > &leaves, int level=0)
 Initialize the tree by a set of leaves using algorithm with a given level.
NodeTypeinsert (const BV &bv, void *data)
 Insest a node.
void remove (NodeType *leaf)
 Remove a leaf node.
void clear ()
 Clear the tree.
bool empty () const
 Whether the tree is empty.
void update (NodeType *leaf, int lookahead_level=-1)
 update one leaf node
bool update (NodeType *leaf, const BV &bv)
 update the tree when the bounding volume of a given leaf has changed
bool update (NodeType *leaf, const BV &bv, const Vector3< S > &vel, S margin)
 update one leaf's bounding volume, with prediction
bool update (NodeType *leaf, const BV &bv, const Vector3< S > &vel)
 update one leaf's bounding volume, with prediction
size_t getMaxHeight () const
 get the max height of the tree
size_t getMaxDepth () const
 get the max depth of the tree
void balanceBottomup ()
 balance the tree from bottom
void balanceTopdown ()
 balance the tree from top
void balanceIncremental (int iterations)
 balance the tree in an incremental way
void refit ()
 refit the tree, i.e., when the leaf nodes' bounding volumes change, update the entire tree in a bottom-up manner
void extractLeaves (const NodeType *root, std::vector< NodeType * > &leaves) const
 extract all the leaves of the tree
size_t size () const
 number of leaves in the tree
NodeTypegetRoot () const
 get the root of the tree
NodeType *& getRoot ()
void print (NodeType *root, int depth)
 print the tree in a recursive way

Public Attributes

int topdown_level
 decide which topdown algorithm to use
int bu_threshold
 decide the depth to use expensive bottom-up algorithm

Protected Attributes

size_t n_leaves
unsigned int opath
 This is a one NodeType cache, the reason is that we need to remove a node and then add it again frequently.
int max_lookahead_level

Detailed Description

template<typename BV>
class fcl::detail::HierarchyTree< BV >

Class for hierarchy tree structure.

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