FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::DistanceRequest< S > Struct Template Reference

request to the distance computation More...

#include <distance_request.h>

Public Member Functions

 DistanceRequest (bool enable_nearest_points_=false, S rel_err_=0.0, S abs_err_=0.0, GJKSolverType gjk_solver_type_=GST_LIBCCD)
bool isSatisfied (const DistanceResult< S > &result) const

Public Attributes

bool enable_nearest_points
 whether to return the nearest points
 error threshold for approximate distance
GJKSolverType gjk_solver_type
 narrow phase solver type

Detailed Description

template<typename S>
struct fcl::DistanceRequest< S >

request to the distance computation

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