FCL  0.6.0
Flexible Collision Library
fcl::detail::BVHShapeCollisionTraversalNode< BV, Shape > Class Template Reference

Traversal node for collision between BVH and shape. More...

#include <bvh_shape_collision_traversal_node.h>

Inheritance diagram for fcl::detail::BVHShapeCollisionTraversalNode< BV, Shape >:
fcl::detail::CollisionTraversalNodeBase< BV::S > fcl::detail::TraversalNodeBase< BV::S > fcl::detail::MeshShapeCollisionTraversalNode< BV, Shape, NarrowPhaseSolver >

Public Types

using S = typename BV::S

Public Member Functions

bool isFirstNodeLeaf (int b) const
 Whether the BV node in the first BVH tree is leaf.
int getFirstLeftChild (int b) const
 Obtain the left child of BV node in the first BVH.
int getFirstRightChild (int b) const
 Obtain the right child of BV node in the first BVH.
bool BVTesting (int b1, int b2) const
 BV culling test in one BVTT node.
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::detail::CollisionTraversalNodeBase< BV::S >
virtual void leafTesting (int b1, int b2) const
 Leaf test between node b1 and b2, if they are both leafs.
virtual bool canStop () const
 Check whether the traversal can stop.
void enableStatistics (bool enable)
 Whether store some statistics information during traversal.
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::detail::TraversalNodeBase< BV::S >
virtual void preprocess ()
virtual void postprocess ()
virtual bool isSecondNodeLeaf (int b) const
 Whether b is a leaf node in the second BVH tree.
virtual bool firstOverSecond (int b1, int b2) const
 Traverse the subtree of the node in the first tree first.
virtual int getSecondLeftChild (int b) const
 Get the left child of the node b in the second tree.
virtual int getSecondRightChild (int b) const
 Get the right child of the node b in the second tree.

Public Attributes

const BVHModel< BV > * model1
const Shape * model2
BV model2_bv
int num_bv_tests
int num_leaf_tests
- Public Attributes inherited from fcl::detail::CollisionTraversalNodeBase< BV::S >
CollisionRequest< BV::S > request
 request setting for collision
CollisionResult< BV::S > * result
 collision result kept during the traversal iteration
bool enable_statistics
 Whether stores statistics.
- Public Attributes inherited from fcl::detail::TraversalNodeBase< BV::S >
Transform3< BV::S > tf1
 configuation of first object
Transform3< BV::S > tf2
 configuration of second object

Detailed Description

template<typename BV, typename Shape>
class fcl::detail::BVHShapeCollisionTraversalNode< BV, Shape >

Traversal node for collision between BVH and shape.

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