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Flexible Collision Library
fcl::Convex< S_ > Class Template Reference

Convex polytope. More...

#include <convex.h>

Inheritance diagram for fcl::Convex< S_ >:
fcl::ShapeBase< S_ > fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >


struct  Edge

Public Types

using S = S_
- Public Types inherited from fcl::ShapeBase< S_ >
using S = S_

Public Member Functions

 Convex (Vector3< S > *plane_normals, S *plane_dis, int num_planes, Vector3< S > *points, int num_points, int *polygons)
 Constructing a convex, providing normal and offset of each polytype surface, and the points and shape topology information.
 Convex (const Convex &other)
 Copy constructor.
void computeLocalAABB () override
 Compute AABB<S>
NODE_TYPE getNodeType () const override
 Get node type: a conex polytope.
Matrix3< S > computeMomentofInertia () const override
 based on http://number-none.com/blow/inertia/bb_inertia.doc
Vector3< S > computeCOM () const override
 compute center of mass
computeVolume () const override
 compute the volume
std::vector< Vector3< S > > getBoundVertices (const Transform3< S > &tf) const
 get the vertices of some convex shape which can bound this shape in a specific configuration
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::ShapeBase< S_ >
OBJECT_TYPE getObjectType () const
 Get object type: a geometric shape.
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
void * getUserData () const
 get user data in geometry
void setUserData (void *data)
 set user data in geometry
bool isOccupied () const
 whether the object is completely occupied
bool isFree () const
 whether the object is completely free
bool isUncertain () const
 whether the object has some uncertainty
virtual Matrix3< S_ > computeMomentofInertiaRelatedToCOM () const
 compute the inertia matrix, related to the com

Public Attributes

Vector3< S > * plane_normals
S * plane_dis
int * polygons
 An array of indices to the points of each polygon, it should be the number of vertices followed by that amount of indices to "points" in counter clockwise order.
Vector3< S > * points
int num_points
int num_edges
int num_planes
Vector3< S > center
 center of the convex polytope, this is used for collision: center is guaranteed in the internal of the polytope (as it is convex)
- Public Attributes inherited from fcl::CollisionGeometry< S_ >
Vector3< S_ > aabb_center
 AABB center in local coordinate.
S_ aabb_radius
 AABB radius.
AABB< S_ > aabb_local
 AABB in local coordinate, used for tight AABB when only translation transform.
void * user_data
 pointer to user defined data specific to this object
S_ cost_density
 collision cost for unit volume
S_ threshold_occupied
 threshold for occupied ( >= is occupied)
S_ threshold_free
 threshold for free (<= is free)

Protected Member Functions

void fillEdges ()
 Get edge information.

Detailed Description

template<typename S_>
class fcl::Convex< S_ >

Convex polytope.

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